How To Add Email Address To Thunderbird

23/02/2018 · If it is not installed or Thunderbird doesn't know how to import data from it, typically you need to find some way to export or convert your old email client's mail files to either .EML or mbox files, and some way to export or convert the address books to .CSV or .LDIF files. […]

How To Clean Your Clothes Steamer

Purchasing a steam mop is one way to clean your floors without the aid of harsh chemicals. Since steam mops run on electricity, you only need to add water to the mop to use it. Once the water reaches the proper temperature, the mop will produce steam to clean dirt and grease from your floor. Compared to other cleaning products, steam mops can save you time and energy. You can use the mop on […]

How To Build A Skittle Alley

Hire a portable skittle alley for your next event. A traditional skittles day or night event is great fun for all ages, children, teenagers and adults, and all abilities, so everyone can enjoy great bowling fun and unlimited bowling!You can choose the length required on delivery, 27ft or 31ft. […]

How To Change The Litter Box

It’s better to wisely choose the location where to put the cat litter box because if the feline doesn’t like the location or if it’s not easy to access, the elimination problems could start and once something like that happens it’s really hard to manage and change. […]

How To Play Pictionary The Game Of Quick Draw

28/12/2017 · In this Article: Beginning Play Instructions for the Picturist Playing the Challenge Round Community Q&A References. Pictionary Man is an electronic version of Pictionary that replaces the pencils and paper of the original game with a featureless humanoid figure that can be drawn on with a dry-erase pen and 2 props. […]

How To Cancel Ihg Membership

IHG and ANA reserve the right to cancel a member’s account if fraudulent use of the offer is detected. To the extent permitted by applicable law, IHG and ANA reserve the right to cancel, suspend and/or modify the offer at any time with or without notice. To the extent permitted by applicable law, IHG and ANA reserve the right of final interpretation of this offer. Our Verdict. You receive […]

How To Buy Sony Stock

Sony Corp stock analysis, Sony Corp valuation, PE Ratio, Sony Corp stock rating and financial analysis. Check if Sony Corp stock listed on NYSE is one among top stocks to buy. […]

How To Delete Thumbnails In Google Chrome

Whenever a new tab is opened in Google Chrome, it displays frequently visited pages as thumbnails under Most visited section . This is a useful feature to quickly launch your favorite sites. […]

Can You Show Me How To Draw A Person

One disadvantage to taking a draw is that you don't have a personal income to show for personal loans or home mortgage purposes because it isn't reflected on your business tax return. How Many Draws Can a Business Owner Take? An owner can take as many draws as he likes at any time. Of course, there must be money in the business checking account that's available to be withdrawn. Some business […]

How To Draw A Cartoon Sea Turtle Step By Step

14/04/2012 Fun2draw is created by Mei Yu, a Canadian artist, "how to draw cartoons" and "how to draw anime" instructor, shows you how to draw a cartoon baby sea turtle "step by step". "How to draw […]

How To Change Ps4 Hard Drive Sony

Replacing the PS4 Pro HDD. Ever since the original PS3, Sony have kept it nice and easy to get at your hard drive, and it’s no different on the PS4 Pro. A plastic cover, moulded to fit the lower […]

How To Change 10 Pin Connectors Block To Horizontal

Legacy connectors The legacy connectors can still be used, and there will be adaptors for the 20-pin IDC connectors. But for new designs, the Cortex Debug connector and the Cortex Debug+ETM connectors … […]

Ssb4 How To Cancel Spin Dash

Dash - Bandana Dee thrusts forwards with his dick Up Special - Bandana Dee twirls his dick to perform his signature helicopter dick spin. Enemies fucking kill themselves at the sight of it! Down Special - Bandana Dee faps. Final Smash - Orgy Bandana Dee calls three other Waddle Dees to preform an orgy. The four fuck each other until they all cum simultaneously, flooding the stage with […]

How To Change Wot Name

12/10/2016 · World of Tanks: how to change the sixthsense sound World of tanks: hoe verander ik de sixthsense audio in dit filmpje wou ik jullie laten zien hoe je uw eigen sixthsense audio geluid kunt krijgen. […]

How To Connect Molex To 6 Pin

2 X 4-Pin Molex IDE to 6 Pin PCI-E Graphic Card Power Adapter Connector converter Cable,Dual 4 Pin Molex IDE to 6 Pin PCI-E Graphic Card Power Adapter Type: Dual 4 Pin Molex IDE to 6 Pin PCI-E Graphic Card Power Adapter […]

How To Build A Plywood Deck

How To Build A Plywood Door For A Shed Build A Building 10 X 15 X 10 Basic Deck Design Plans How To Build A Plywood Door For A Shed 8x12 Tuff Shed Used Wood Garden Shed 5x7 Small Wooden Garden Sheds For Sale Do you know what type of wood shed you must build? A person have decide more than a type of shed, you'll need to build a list of materials and tools needed for you to … […]

How To Clean Old Brass Door Knobs

Cleaning Unlacquered Brass & Real Copper Door Handles Brass is generally thought of as a very traditional material, mostly seen in older style properties. However, they are currently undergoing a renaissance in popularity. […]

How To Download Facetime On A Macbook Pro

FaceTime video conferencing app for Mac comes free when you buy an of the apple product like Mac Mini, Mac Pro and Mac Air. It allows you to connect with another Mac … […]

How To Choose Explanatory Variables

The p-values are more meaningful if you choose the variables for reasons other than minimizing the p-values. In other words, it's more convincing if you come up with a hypothesis when you're designing the study and chose the regression variables accordingly. But this is obviously quite inconvenient. […]

How To Delete Your Alternate Email Address Google

15/03/2012 First, and most obvious, are your contacts--the people, companies, and organizations that you have intentionally added to your address book. The other addresses are those that you've sent email […]

How To Come Off As Confident

Confidence might be the strongest aphrodisiac to women, while arrogance might be the biggest turn off of love. The line between confident and arrogance are thin and unclear to many guys. What I find the most challenging, is to calibrate how cocky and confident I come off, because I have noted that what one girl might find incredible confident and appealing, another girl might find tremendously […]

How To Build A Biltong Dryer

Sand Dryer - Gongyi City Lantian Machinery Factory Introduction Sand dryer is a kind of rotary dryer. It is applied to reduce the moisture of sand, such as river sand, silica sand, yellow sand, etc. […]

R6 How To Buy Renown

R6 Credits are the optional currency that can be purchased in game and can be used to buy Renown Boosters, as well as cosmetics. Players can also complete Outbreak challenges to unlock select items. […]

How To Decide What I Want For Christmas

Lizardbreath. Almost as extraordinary as you Pris! I love to upvote you. You always have something worth reading. Cicadas are beautiful. · 1 minute ago […]

How To Connect Canon Mg3250 To Wifi

I have just bought a Canon MG3550 printer. I have tried to install the printer for WiFi use following the SetUp instructions, but the printer will only install via the USB Port. […]

How To Close A Chip Bag Origami

Instructions: 1. HOW TO SEAL A BAG WITHOUT A CLIP: Squeeze all the air out of the snack bag. Fold in the the two sides, then fold down the top 3 to 4 times. […]

How To Download Photos From Mexus 6

Mike May 25, 2014 at 10:17 AM. I have a kindle fire 7hd, is this compatible with the USB cable adapter used with the Nexus 7. I would like to transfer pics from my camera directly to … […]

Tinder How To Change Name

The app doesn’t even attempt to allow me to change the work. All other edits work. However job selection doesn’t “load” the change whatsoever and just resorts to original input. […]

How To Make An App Appear In Launchpad

How to Add an App in Launchpad on Mac To add an app to Launchpad, simply move it to the Applications folder in the Finder. The app will automatically appear in Launchpad. […]

How To Create An Email Address Link

To create an e-mail link, select the text you want to link and then click the Email Link icon in the Common Insert panel. In the Email Link dialog box, enter the e-mail address in the Email […]

Graffiti Letters How To Draw Step By Step

26/10/2015 · The next weeks i want to show you how to draw graffiti step by step. This video is about how to draw graffiti letters peace for beginner. The next videos will be about drawing wildstyle letters […]

How To Build A Dual Exhaust

DIY Motorcycle builder exhaust kits and more for your custom Harley sportster, chopper or custom build. Building your own custom motorcycle exhaust kit has never been easier. Simply choose one of our many exhaust bends and pipe length to build a truly custom premium exhaust kit, made right here in the USA. […]

How To Clean Acrylic Bathtub

16/03/2017 Do You Clean An Acrylic Bathtub With If you are cleaning you might want to clean the the living room first because people see the living room before the rest of […]

How To Cut And Mix Music On Windows Media Player

Free Audio Editor is a free waveform audio editing software which comes with a very large number of tools and features for cutting, cropping, and mixing of audio tracks. Free Audio Editor can be used to open audio files from your computer, import tracks from videos or audio CDs as well as record audio with the help of microphone. Waveform editor makes it easy to edit audio tracks with the help […]

How To Clean Patio Furniture

Unlike your living room furniture, your patio takes in a daily beating from the sun, moisture or any other pollutants that comes along. Over time, your outdoor furniture would show signs of … […]

How To Catch A Kangaskhan In Pokemon Go

This is because there are a total of ten Pokemon that you cannot catch normally in Pokemon GO. Four are obtainable under certain conditions, and the rest are completely unobtainable for the time […]

How To Connect Your Tv To Your Speakers

To enjoy the full benefit of hearing TV audio through your Wave® radio, you should turn off your TV’s internal speakers. Your TV may have an onscreen audio menu that includes an option for turning the TV speakers on or off. […]

How To Draw Animehair Shine

29/08/2015 How to Draw Hair: Structure and Shading markcrilley. Loading... Unsubscribe from markcrilley? How to Draw Manga: Head Shape & Facial Features [2016] - […]

How To Keep Your Grill Clean

It’s really not that hard to get your grill clean and looking new again; you just need proper direction and the knowhow to clean it efficiently. Well, look no further because we’re going to help you do just that! Here’s our simple and effective guide on how to clean your BBQ. […]

Glaxy S8 How To Allow Contact Ring On Silent

28/03/2018 · Is there a way to have a single contact bypass silent mode? Only way i found is to use the do not disturb mode, but there is only option to set for all contacts or all favorites. I would like to only have the one contact ring and still have others on favorites as well. I … […]

How To Download Windows 8 To Usb

Download Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool and install it. This tool is designed for windows 7 but works well for Windows 8. For some reasons they have chosen a weird name for this tool. […]

How To Add Condo Rental On

The best thing you can do in order to assure customers for your vacation rental is be in more than 3 or 4 vacation rental websites (like Homeaway, Tripadvisor,). You can sync the availability calendars totally free with a vacation rental software in order to avoid overbooking. […]

How To Clear Tabs On Word

To clear all the tabs tab allthe way to the right, hold tab clear and press return. If you are trying to clear margins go to the margin, press but don't hold the mar rel key, space or backspace to desired location, press L. or R. mar key. […]

How To Add Hats Into Roblox Studio

Play and Listen hats 207 clothes 651 outfit template https wwwrobloxcom catalog 665219302 Roblox: How to Put Clothing and Hats on NPC's in Studio (Old Way) Mp3 […]

How To Create New User Linux Command Line

Linux administrators/superuser can create new user accounts in Linux. This can be accomplished by executing adduser command from terminal. This command will create user accounts with normal privilegs and default settings. […]

How To Add Minutes And Seconds In Excel

Excel Formula to Convert Seconds to Minutes You see, the Excel formula to convert seconds to minutes can be used easily with the TIME Function . All you have to do is format a worksheet cell with the proper time format. […]

How To Cut Your Own Hair Men Sideburns

Although children lack the same facial hair growth that creates true sideburns, a short haircut may necessitate neatly trimmed sideburns. When you cut hair at home, take a few minutes to cut children's […]

How To Clear Search History On Wish

I too am wondering how to clear the search history where you type in what you are searching for. 30,496 Views How do you clear out your recent search history and recently viewed items? in reply to woodland_gnome ‎05-26-2014 11:50 AM eBay has returned the clear last searches and last viewed items tothe system. Accordingly all is fine. No need to set up different accounts in the household […]

How To Be A Canadian Book Buy

While not immune to fears of a general economic downturn, publishers and retailers in the Canadian book business are cautiously optimistic at the start of this year's crucial holiday selling […]

How To Download R For Mabook Air

It has been a while since the MacBook Air 2018 was launched. Today we have the MacBook Air 2018 wallpapers for smartphones in high resolution. […]

How To Draw A Bivalve

Lesson: Molluscs: Snails, Bivalves and Octopus For: Grades 1-3 (can be adapted to higher grades quite easily) Unit: Science . BY: Robynn Honeychurch and Avril Bourquin. Length of Lesson: Approximately 3 hours* *Please note that this is an extensive lesson plan containing lots of information and ideas. You, as the teacher should take the time to read through the following pages and determine […]

How To Become An Otologist

To become a pediatrician you need: 4 year college degree 4 year medical school degree 3-4 years of an accredited residency program For a combined total of 11-12 years of training after the […]

How To Cook Mini Sausages

Cook it longer for crispier bacon, shorter for softer bacon, but COOK IT IN THE OVEN. I cannot even express how happy oven bacon makes me. For this “recipe”, if I dare call it that, cook the bacon for about 12 minutes so it is still soft and easy to wrap around your wiener (* … […]

How To Become A Qualified Nutritionist

“In our fast-forward culture, we have lost the art of eating well. Food is often little more than fuel to pour down the hatch while doing other stuff- surfing the Web, driving, walking down the street. […]

How To Take A Break From Animal Crossing

We love Animal Crossing, but the repertoire of tasks thrust upon you did grow repetitive after a while. Speaking with neighbours, digging up fossils and fishing by the beach resulted in countless […]

How To Delete Photos From Icloud But Not Mac

If you find photos not downloading from iCloud to Mac or iCloud photos not syncing to Mac, there are two ways you can choose. One is to use an alternative way to sync photos from your iPhone or iPad to Mac (as shown in Solution 1), the other is to try the potential solutions provided to fix the issue. All the practical methods are detailed below. […]

How To Buy A Muscle Car In India

9/03/2017 · This video features 5 Cheapest Muscle Cars You Can Buy Today. If you wanna know which are 5 Cheapest Muscle Cars You Can Buy Today watch this video and if … […]

How To Create A Thought Bubble In Photoshop

13/05/2010 · One can also make them fairly easily in Titler, or in Photoshop/PhotoshopElements (or other programs). Somewhere, I have a few URL's that offer free thought bubbles, and will post. Seems that MS Office Clip Art has a bunch of free ones to download too. I normally create mine in Photoshop and Import as PSD's to use as a "template" Title below my Text Title. […]

How To Clean Armpits Without Shower

Now completely rinse the shaving gel and stray hairs clean from your armpits. Then, dry your skin with a clean towel, so as not to introduce any new bacteria onto the skin. Then, dry your skin with a clean towel, so as not to introduce any new bacteria onto the skin. […]

How To Download Pirated Stardew Update

This adds support for Stardew Valley 1.3, and adds code analysis which will report common problems in Stardew Valley 1.3 as build warnings. Restart Visual Studio to […]

How To Delete Emails On Iphone And Ipad Simultaneously

While setting up email on iPad or iPhone iOS gives option to setup account as POP3 or IMAP, for both of types, settings to delete emails from server is different. So checkout how to set Mail app to delete messages from server on iPad or iPhone. […]

How To Add Leading Zeros To Integer In Java

1/03/2011 · Hi, I have an int value Extension.It should be 4 diguts long always.Even if the data via the procedure comes 45 .It should treat it as 0045. I cannot convert it to string as my setter method is taking int as an argument. […]

How To Clean Liove Crab

1: Place your crabs into a ventilated container. Add just enough water to cover the bottom of the container without completely submerging the crabs. 2: Place a clean, damp towel on top of the crabs. This can get tricky if they are alive and agitated, so it helps to … […]

How To Bring Spirit Of Grandparents Back To Home

But we as parents/grandparents have to teach our kids the difference between being “spiritual,” and having a relationship with the Holy Spirit. They are not the same . Being spiritual is all about hoping you are on the right path, whereas having the Holy Spirit indwell you is KNOWING you are on the right path. […]

How To Become A Copywriter With No Experience Uk

You will ideally have 1 to 2 years’ experience as a copywriter for a brand or an agency. A bit about us.. Creative Direction –A good creative team should be a... A bit about us.. Creative Direction –A good creative team should be a... […]

How To Set Up Plex To Download Movies Automatic

It involves pointing your Plex Media Server at your tuner and then getting Plex to pull in the local TV information for your area. It doesn't take a long time to get it all set up, and we've a […]

How To Become An Ice Agent

Something had to pay for the ice. I stole everything my family had. That's what it came to, and that's how I had to live, says Junior*. Ice was my drug of choice because it made me active. […]

How To Break Up With A Girl And Hurt Her

When a girl breaks up peacefully with you just know she had been planning the break for a while and was looking for the right time to break up with your ass. This peaceful break up has minimal chances of any reconciliation. The relationship is dead dead thus any hopes of you two getting back together is slim. […]

Arcgis How To Create A Point File Label

Learn to create and manage data, maps, and analytical models with ArcGIS. Author Adam Wilbert shows how to get around maps and start adding your own data and importing data from existing databases. He demonstrates how to select and edit individual map elements, and connect to advanced geospatial data sources. He explains the finer points of working with vector vs. raster data, and then shows […]

How To Cut A Quesadilla

Remove from the oven, let rest for 3-5 minutes and cut each quesadilla in half using serrated knife. Serve with salsa and yogurt. Serve with salsa and yogurt. Store: Refrigerate leftovers for up to 2 days. […]

How To Add Gta V To Nexus Mod

A GTA5 Mod Manager that encourages developers to conform to a universal standard The goal is this project is to give users an easy tool to manage their ASI mods and when its avabile game repacked modfications; while also attempting to sway developers into packaging info rich jsons with their mods for the manager to read; thus making it easy to […]

How To Delete 3ds Icons

nintendo zone appears to be something that doesnt exist anymore, too. i dont want these extra icons on my home screen and i dont want wasted blocks!! EDIT: thanks guys! i tapped the yo-kai icon, said no i dont want to download it, then said yes delete the icon. the nintendo zone one i … […]

How To Build A Snow Cone Stand

1/05/2010 · Best Answer: Then talk t your friend., Yes you will need a permit and will probably need to be checked monthly by the board fo health. Start asking around at different stores that have big parking lots, also possibly some gas stations. You will need to "buy the bussiness" then you get deals on your […]

How To Connect Wifi Between Two Houses

24/01/2016 I have 2 "profiles" (users) on my echo, and it seems to be more of a headache than it is worth. The Connected Home aspect seems to be entirely separate between the 2 profiles. […]

How To Download Music From Beatport

With the changes in both music consumption and the digital music market itself, Beatport has been an interesting case study in how a groundbreaking music startup has had to adapt to the new realities of the music industry, and how the future of dance music will be defined. […]

How To Change Name In Trove

You can, not for free. In the store, (yes you have to pay with actual money.) under goods > scroll down > name tag costs 1200 Make a new account if you're not satisfied with the name you chosen. […]

How To Add Nest Temperature Sensor

Take control of the temperature in your home and pool, protecting both from freezing temperatures and brutal heat. Temperature sensors are the way to go. Temperature sensors are the way to go. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. […]

How To Become C Tpat Certified

Motivated by the opportunity to turn a quick dollar, a number of firms continue to prey on uninformed companies who have a sincere desire to either join the C-TPAT program or become C-TPAT compliant. This problem transcends how I personally regard the ethics of these firms guilty of misrepresentation. […]

How To Clean A Bat Nest In Your House

23/12/2018 · If you notice a lot of bats in your area, or notice a lot of bugs you want bats to get rid of, you may consider putting up a bat house for them to nest in. Choose a high location with a lot sun and build a mounting bracket from wood to hang your bat house. […]

How To Change Shipping Adress Of An Amazon Order

21/02/2011 · How to avoid Amazon shipping restrictions: "This item cannot be shipped to the address you selected" and "We are not able to ship this item to your default shipping address" Part 1: Amazon Shipping Restrictions Part 2: Overcoming Amazon Shipping Restrictions and shipping outside the US Amazon Shipping Restrictions Amazon has the following Shipping restrictions: … […]

How To Delete Purchased Apps From Icloud

Want to Delete Purchased Apps from iCloud Account you have to follow this given steps. click on app settings and Launch It. Now scroll down to iCloud and click on iCloud to open it. click on storage and backup to manage your storage. now you have to go to documents and data and choose any application which data you want to remove from your iCloud storage. now click on edit and after that click […]

How To Download Instagram On Ipad Mini

Instagram does not have the ability to save photos directly to your iPad. If you want to save your photos or other people's photos to iPad, then you can copy the link of photo and paste it in your iPad's browser. Tap & hold the photo, you will see 'save image' option. Tap 'Save image' button to save the photo. If you are looking for a step by step process to save other people's Instagram […]

How To Download A Pddf Frin Google Docs

How to Download as a PDF from Google Docs The steps in this article were performed in the Google Chrome version of Google Docs. The location of the downloaded PDF will be determined by the current Download folder location for the browser that you are using. […]

How To Create Shutdown Shortcut On Desktop Windows 10

First, create a shortcut on your desktop by right-clicking on the desktop, choose New, and then choose Shortcut. Next window will popup to Create Shortcut Wizard. Type ‘shutdown’ in the box that asking for the location of the shortcut. After you create the shortcut, double-click to shut down your PC. Shut down is simply as that. […]

How To Draw Anime Attack On Titan

Let& learn how to draw Eren from Attack on Titan today!, also spelled as Eren Jaeger in the FUNimation sub of the anime) is a member of the Survey Corps and the main protagonist of Attack … […]

How To Calculate Draw Down Volume

draw down completely. Our results suggest that each of the four methods we investigated is an Our results suggest that each of the four methods we investigated is an efficient way of drawing down the water level of retention and detention ponds. […]

How To Change Actor By State Rpg Maker Mv

9/03/2013 Effect: Change Graphic-Tsukihime This script adds a "change graphic" effect to a state. When the state is added, the enemy battler will change its graphic to the specified enemy's graphic. […]

How To Add Ipad Data To Virgin Mobile

Apple iPad (5th generation) Apple iPad (5th generation) Guide Change device Checking data usage Turning mobile data on or off Turning data roaming on or off. Inserting a SIM. Your SIM must be inserted before you can use your tablet. Step of : 1. Remove the SIM holder. Find the opener for the SIM holder. Insert the opener into the small hole in the SIM holder. Remove the SIM holder from you […]

How To Download I Heart Radio App

Sometimes installations can become corrupt during the process and a fresh download of the app will help. I need to step away for an hour or so, but will check back with you later on. I need to step away for an hour or so, but will check back with you later on. […]

How To Slow Cook A Roast Chicken

Garlic Herb Butter Roast Chicken packed with unbelievable flavours, crispy skin, and so juicy! Nothing beats an easy to make and even easier to prepare roast chicken! Especially when roasted with garlic butter, rosemary, parsley, lemon, and a hint of […]

How To Create A Company In Canada

For a brief overview of how to create a new company using the Create a New Company wizard you may find it useful to watch the video tutorial below. Using the Create a New Company wizard The first step in using the Create a New Company wizard is to open it. […]

How To Not Cry When Cutting Onions Matchstick

Yellow onions are also the strongest, and will be the ones that make you cry when you cut them! WHITE ONIONS: White onions have a more mild flavor, but you can use them in place of yellow in a recipe if you dont have a yellow on hand, or if you dont want the onion taste to be as powerful. […]

How To Cook Mince Pies

4/01/2019 How to Make Meat Pies. Meat pies are tasty snack for all the carnivores and a great appetizer for parties and potlucks. Make a whole pie for the entire family or make individual pies, just for one! These meat pies are easy and fun to make,... Meat pies are tasty snack for all the carnivores and a great appetizer for parties and potlucks. Make a whole pie for the entire family or make […]

How To Connect A Nxt Clicking Brick

NXT Intelligent Brick. The main component in the kit is a brick-shaped computer called the NXT Intelligent Brick. It can take input from up to four sensors and control up to three motors, via a modified version of RJ12 cables, very much similar to but incompatible with RJ11 phone cords. […]

How To Draw A Ww1 Biplane

Build this WW1 Royal Aircraft Factory SE5 biplane in foam board. This is my third design for a biplane using my wire cabane system with internal mounting rails. The system is holding-up well, coping with lots of landing knocks and a couple of reasonably firm crashes. […]

How To Add Windows To A Rv

Custom RV Windows and Trailer Windows Motion Windows provides you with the ability to order the exact shape and size window you need, while providing you with multiple options for customizing the kind of look that you want. We offer dual pane, single pane, screens and sliding window options as well. […]

How To Add Comments In Openoffice

As a LibreOffice user, one issue Ive had with the software is that I havent been able to insert comments into the document and then have those comments show up in the margins of the document when I save it to a PDF and return it to my students. I was unable to figure out how to do this when I swtiched to OpenOffice (and then LibreOffice) almost a decade ago. Im not sure if it was […]

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